NFT STARS is preparing for the most epic drop of the season. The marketplace is about to auction the “Art of Blockchain” collection, which symbolizes the merge of contemporary art with modern science. The “Art of Blockchain” consists of 5 NFT works of art and their original oil paintings, including the legendary “CryptoMother”, dubbed the ‘Crypto Mona Lisa’, autographed by the creator of Ethereum — Vitalik Buterin. The 5 pieces will be auctioned separately on 30th July.

The Entire Collection is Finally Up for Sale

The “Art of Blockchain” collection consists of 5 pieces of art: “CryptoMother” also referred to as the Crypto Mona Lisa; “Miss Coin”; “CryptoFather”…

When it comes to selling NFTs, the marketplace that an artist chooses plays a big part in their success, as does how they promote their works and if they manage to stay true to themselves. Here are the top 5 reasons why artists should choose NFT STARS and how the NFT STARS team contributes to each artist’s success, instead of merely speculating on it.

Reason #1: Become One of the Stars

NFT STARS follows a strict selection process: each artist featured on the platform is either voted for by the community or selected by the executive board. …

NFT STARS is happy to introduce you to a unique phenomenon on the NFT stage — a collective of 256 artists of all genres creating under one name — NFT 256. This union will present its new project “NFT 256 WORLDS” for auction on 28th July at 10:00 UTC.

Over 100 Perspectives, One Topic

NFT 256 is an international collective consisting of over 256 modern artists working with a variety of art mediums, from digital to traditional, whose management center is in Moscow, Russia. The fellowship was formed spontaneously a couple of months ago and is now one of the biggest groups of artists that…

NFT STARS has a lot of exciting things going on right now and is ready to share the latest updates with the community.

Upcoming Auctions: Most Epic Drop of the Season

NFT STARS is expanding horizons and presents to you the artwork of one of the pioneers of NFT and digital art in Russia — Nikita Elizarev, known under the name Elizarevfx. Nikita will present his artwork “Emotions” for the auction on NFT STARS on 21nd of July at 19:00 UTC.

Exploring One’s Emotions

Nikita Elizarev, also known as Elizarevfx, is one of the pioneers of NFT art in Russia and one of the first Russian artists to present his works on NFT marketplaces. …

A legendary piece of crypto art titled “CryptoMother” — also known as the ‘Crypto Mona Lisa’ — will soon be auctioned on the NFT STARS marketplace. The iconic painting is part of a collection called “Art of Blockchain”, whose owner, having rejected many lucrative offers over the years, has now decided to put this piece of history back on the market.

The painting embodies the values of the new era of decentralized finance and represents the mother, protecting all blocks in the network. But what makes this Crypto Mona Lisa a truly unique artwork is that it’s the only piece…

Dear users!

As a result of global attacks, many DeFi companies suffer from considerable financial and technical damage.

Thus, our Bridge services also went under siege. Consequently, the liquidity required for transferring tokens between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain was a target of exploitation. This event resulted in loss of $100 000 in MILK2, SHAKE, NFTS, which were withdrawn from the services and sold afterward.

What happened

Perpetrators regularly try to get access, gain control over the system, and get the inner information stored in the system.

Most of such attacks were successfully fought back by our team or just failed due…

The new NFT marketplace NFT STARS and Polygon, a protocol and framework for building Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, form a strategic partnership. The name of the game is to expand the NFT ecosystem to the blockchain and showcase the benefits the Polygon chain to the NFT industry.

NFT STARS Coming to Polygon

NFT STARS is planning an integration with Polygon to expand its multi-chain NFT ecosystem. The newly formed partnership will support the NFT STARS transition and its further growth in the network.

The NFT STARS team has chosen Polygon for various reasons. Polygon is a Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum. That means that by…

As you may already know, the NFTS token will play a major role in the NFT STARS ecosystem.

This governance token will be the fuel that powers the DAO NFT community (for voting and selecting artists).

Moreover, owning a certain amount of NFTS tokens ensures your eligibility for NFT discounts.

See all the benefits of owning the NFTS token in our detailed GitBook pages.

You can buy and sell NFTS too. But that’s not all. You can also get MILK2, SpaceSwap’s native token, for NFTS!

NFT STARS is one of SpaceSwap’s sister projects. The development team supports this promising new…

The NFT STARS project has announced the auction of unique NFTs by Mo Tuncay, a full-time abstract painter.

His unique ‘Celebrations’ NFT represents his authenticity and creative style. The start of the auction is scheduled for July 9th, 17:30 UTC.

Each NFT by Mo Tuncay depicts energy, emotion, passion — a whole palette of vivid emotions. Mo tries to depict in all his artwork the colors and figures of nature he used to see in his childhood. …

NFT Stars

Multichain NFT marketplace — NFTSTARS is here to set up a new NFT standard!

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