Eva Shaw x Fvckmatix Celebrity Drop to take place on July 21st, 10:00 UTC

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NFT STARS is back with some excellent news for all connoisseurs of the digital art movement. Our team is excited to announce a fresh Celebrity Drop titled “State of Oblivion”, scheduled for July 21st at 10:00 UTC: https://nftstars.app/en/drop-eva-fvckmatix/

What is indeed unique about this particular piece is that it was co-created through the joint efforts of two digital artists — Eva Shaw and Fvckmatix. If you want to know more about these artists’ brainchild, make sure you read the article till the very end.

Unique artistic collaboration

Eva Shaw is a frequent guest on NFT STARS, someone you are already aware of. This extremely talented girl manages to combine several roles, she is: a producer, a DJ, a creative director and a fashion icon, all at the same time! Eva definitely has some excellent multitasking skills, doesn’t she?

Apart from that, she has topped the Billboard dance charts alongside big names like Rihanna, David Guetta, Fifth Harmony and other world-famous stars.

However, Eva’s passions are not limited to music. Not too long ago, she discovered the immersive world of NFTs. It got her deeply involved and she continues to impress the public with her unique approach to art and music and to leverage the opportunities presented by the NFT industry.

When it comes to our second hero Fvckmatix, he became interested in photography about 8 years ago. Five years later, he realized that it was just the beginning and his artistic ambition started to grow bigger.

Fvckmatix was striving to achieve a new level of creativity, freedom and self-expression. Through photography, he was unable to fully express his ideas, so he began to study digital art. At first, he only pursued an artistic approach to processing photographs but after a while, he fell in love with 3D art.

Fvckmatix encountered the term ‘NFT’ about a year ago and ever since, his sales have been steadily increasing. As time passed, his simple pictures were completely replaced by complex 3D art, which keeps on captivating a wide audience with his unusual concepts.

About the Drop

The collaborative efforts of these two creators is presented in a 22-second video. Fvckmatix is responsible for the visuals and Eva Shaw created the exclusive music track for the artwork.

The girl dancing in the middle of a fabulous landscape clearly demonstrates how humanity experiences emotions through art. The last few years have shocked the whole world, leaving no one immune to its effects. But it is art that allows many to experience what is happening and to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The ability to perceive art, music and dance is exactly what distinguishes a person from all other living beings. The world can inspire or terrify, but all of us need to be able to find beauty in simple things and to enjoy the present moment. That’s what the two artists’ collaboration titled “State of Oblivion” is all about.

Do not miss this unique Celebrity Drop, which will take place on July 21st at 10:00 UTC on the NFT STARS platform: https://nftstars.app/en/drop-eva-fvckmatix/


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