Interview with the founder of NFT STARS: the marketplace’s role in the bright future of the NFT space

6 min readJan 25, 2023


We had a chance to conduct an excellent in-depth talk with the founder of NFT STARS to get answers to the most relevant questions regarding both the NFT space and the updated marketplace.

Make sure to get fully acquainted with the interview, since it will provide you with everything you should be aware of on the eve of the platform relaunch.

What’s going on with the NFT space right now? Have we already entered the crypto winter?

To tell you the truth, the cryptocurrency market is not experiencing the best circumstances right now, regardless of what you choose to name it.

Despite this fact, the majority of cryptocurrency initiatives and enterprises are still actively working. I have no doubt that a time frame like this is an effective means of weeding out untrustworthy companies from the market. Those who genuinely contribute to society while still maintaining a healthy competitive spirit are the only ones who will make it through the crypto winter and prosper during the next bull rally.

Has the golden age of NFTs passed, or was it just the first wave?

I’ve stated numerous times that the initial NFT boom contributed to the appearance of inferior works and plain trash on the digital market. This. is the case with the crypto realm as a whole. As long as there is extreme demand, there will be individuals who wish to profit from it, even if they have nothing to offer.

In the end, even after the excitement subsides, the majority of established artists remain. NFT technology itself is extremely promising and beneficial, with an endless number of applications.

In contrast, the NFT market became more robust and established the groundwork with quality items, increasing the level of competition. Consequently, while speaking of waves, it may be said that the first wave has gone and the golden age has just begun.

What are the major limitations and difficulties facing the NFT industry?

We work from a standpoint of NFT mass-adoption. Hence why we see lack of user-friendly platforms, as one of the most significant difficulties in the NFT sphere. That’s why one of our main goals at NFT Stars is to educate our users in the crypto sphere. We put a large emphasis on the onboarding of users, especially if they’re new to the industry. Basically it means taking user by the hand and showing what is what and who is who.

Furthermore, the majority of NFT enthusiasts struggle with a lack of awareness and technological literacy. That leads to the fact that aspects and even basic points in the crypto-industry entails a negative experience. This lack of understanding of some with NFTs, if not an outright refusal to enter the industry.

Who are the primary beneficiaries in the marketplace?

Well, its basically everyone, but the largest marketplace will likely reap the greatest rewards. Since they have already established their position in the market, they can sit back and enjoy a percentage of the transactions taking place on their platform.

Developing marketplaces, such as NFT STARS, strive to distinguish themselves and cater to their consumers by providing engaging activities and more advantageous terms. Not to mention the fact that there is always less competition among artists on emerging marketplaces.

Why choose NFT STARS and not another marketplace?

We invite you to visit our platform and stay with us. NFT STARS is a risingstar that will shine the brightest if users give it the attention it deserves. Almost everyone working on this project today had other great offers, but they choose NFT Stars because they are so passionate about it.

We are willing to do everything possible to ensure that our users have a solid grasp of this field. Constantly studying and analyzing examples and problems encountered by users on comparable platforms, we attend events and exhibitions where we can speak directly with artists and learn more about their experiences and difficulties when selling their works.

The NFT STARS core team dedicates time to determining which types of art are the most popular among purchasers and collectors. We continually strive to address our users’ challenges, and that’s not just lip service; we’ve already assisted hundreds of artists in entering the NFT realm.

How do you see NFTs 5–10 years from now?

The future of NFT technology is bright. It is currently used to sell paintings and other art products, and this niche has already taken root in this industry. But NFTs are more than just images; their flexibility and applications are virtually limitless.

NFT STARS keeps this in mind at all times! For this reason, we are undertaking a comprehensive redesign of the platform in order to make it flexible, and capable of providing extended functionality while unlocking the full potential of this technology for our consumers.

What prompted you to completely rethink NFT STARS?

In the course of work, it is crucial to maintain a sharp eye, so it was a wise decision to compile all of our previous experience, analyze it, and launch a new user-friendly platform with the right policy and a beautiful identity in order to cause a commotion, garner maximum attention, and bring the heat to the totalitarian giant of the space!

What did such a fundamental transformation of the project cost the members of the core team?

Our development crew is really enthusiastic about this project, as it serves as a sort of outlet for all of us! The project has a new interface designer and an art director with experience in digital art. With the addition of new marketing staff, we now have additional promotion scenarios and fresh ideas.

Our IT staff is working around the clock to implement all these wacky ideas, and our account manager is keeping in touch with all the projects and individuals who are also anticipating the release. While we post about our updates, the social media managers are providing engaging content and keeping things alive.

What can users expect immediately after the restart?

We are in a rush and want to demonstrate our capabilities soon, so it was decided to launch an updated version, keeping the same functionality! From there, we will gradually add new features, such as an auction or a notification system.

There will also be an upvote system, allowing buyers to add to their favorite items they wish to purchase in the future and giving authors an additional incentive to create high-quality content.

What are NFT STARS’ plans for the future?

I can say that NFT STARS has huge plans for this market. We have already added a division on our platform for the gaming market.This lull in the market gives us a chance to test the product thoroughly and get ready! We’ve been with you for a long time, so join our family for a fun and cool experience! Great things are about to come, and we want to be a part of it.

Final word

Hopefully, this extensive interview has provided you with some valuable insights concerning the future of the NFT STARS platform. We tried to answer the hottest questions about the project’s revamp.

Stay tuned and make sure to follow our social channels to be aware of the latest updates.




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