NFT STARS 2.0 is coming soon…

3 min readJan 13


The NFT STARS core team is back with some mind-blowing news for all users as well as NFT enthusiasts out there! We have been putting into work day and night to bring something revolutionary to the NFT space. It is high time to spice things up within the digital art industry, and NFT STARS 2.0 will be the instigator of these tremendous changes Get prepared for what you are about to read right now, because it will definitely surprise you.

We are ready to present you something that goes beyond than “just another NFT marketplace” Are you ready?

A tiny sneak peeks

To make a long story short, the NFT STARS has been a subject to a complete revamp. We are creating a product that will drive massive NFT adoption and support the uptrend of the digital art movement. Each and every one of the project’s divisions has been putting in their utmost effort to ensure that even the most audacious concepts are brought to life.

To begin with, we have entirely redesigned the platform’s interface, bringing the user experience to a completely new level. Being in constant contact with our community, we took time to reserach into what are the main usability patterns our users had. Taking that into account the users’ requests, which allowed us to revise the platform policy.

A lot of work has been done from the technical point of view as well. Both front-end and back-end changes, along with some new mechanics will enable our project to keep up with the times and not miss the latest industry trends, or even set them.

We’re just starting: social and business wise platform meets new art-director and a new mascot! We will let you have a short guess time for both. Just to add on top of that, In light of all of these changes, NFT START will have unique and unprecedented functionality.

With the addition of fundamental changes in the interaction with NFT artists and ordinary NFT STARS users, we are planning to set a new identity for the project.

Basically, our development crew has prepared something genuinely huge for our platform, but we want to see your support before revealing all the trump cards.

The NFT STARS team has a desire to keep our beloved community engaged and receive positive feedback for the future rebirth. Due to this, we would like to create some small (or not that small) buzz in preparation for the platform’s upcoming update.

All you need to do is click on this link and go to the current version of the NFT marketplace. You can go in to get a little nostalgic and say goodbye to the old thing, because the next time you visit the website, it will be changed beyond recognition.

As soon as we reach 1,000 clicks on the link, we’ll post a complete release covering all of the changes we brought to NFT STARS 2.0. Make sure to tell all your friends that we’re creating the future of the NFT infrastructure environment.

Join us early to be among the first to witness the renascence! Also, make sure to follow our social media channels, as this is just the first post in a series of all the new things we have in store for all of you!

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